Among Us Mod Apk 2022 (fully Unlocked & Imposter Hack)

Name Among Us Mod Apk
Size 88MB
Category Action
Developer Innersloth LLC
Mod FeatureUnlimited Everything
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Requires DeviceAndroid 6.0+

Among Us (MOD, Unlocked) Is a game in which you must embark on a journey into space in a ship and prepare it for departure. However, one, two, or three saboteurs on board will force the ship to slow down, cause mayhem, or destroy the players. Vote as a team using the chat and find the impostor. If the traitor is discovered and flung into space, you win the round in Among Us mod Apk.

among us mod apk always imposter hack

The application allows users to use the gaming application and enjoy its very distinctive and different gameplay without encountering any obstacles in the process. The game must be downloaded and installed by the application’s user. This application is a large multiplayer game in which the user must ensure that they construct their space shuttle, which they can only do by canceling out all imposters and kicking them out of the game.


It allows four to fifteen players to play the game simultaneously and even chat with one another. There are two vectors present in the game, and the player must ensure that they react on time. The user will be able to play with ease because the admin controls all of the cameras and the map and keeps an eye on all of the other players. The software allows users to communicate with many people while sitting in a chat room and killing their crew members. For the app to function effectively, the user will have to grant it various permissions.

A Reimagined Among Us game with Massive Hacks

Among Us Mod Apk free skins and pet, the official game works on the same internet servers and has the same gaming interface. However, the main difference is the fantastic hacks that you won’t find in any other Among Us modification or variant. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the features of Among Us MOD MENU APK, we’ve included a list of all the MODs with explanations below.

Unlocked Skins: Customizations are everyone’s favorite pastime. As a result, we’ve created the Among Us MOD MENU APK, which includes all of the premium skins, outfits, and pets unlocked for free. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for those paid skins anymore.

Join banned rooms — Room admins will often ban you from their rooms, making it difficult to rejoin them. But don’t worry; after installing the Among Us MOD MENU APK, you’ll be able to return to those rooms. Use hacks indefinitely!!

Zero Kill Cooldown: Among Us Apk Mod gives you Zero Kill Cooldown. As a result, you can make an endless number of kills simultaneously, with no time limit.

End Voting: With this enhanced application, you can end the voting process at any time. So now that you have control of the entire Among Us server stop voting and toss anyone out without informing anyone.

Unlimited Emergency Meetings: MOD MENU among us provides you with the most sought advantage. While playing the official version, everyone harasses by up to two emergency meetings. But don’t worry because our cracked menu app will provide you with enough time to schedule endless emergency meetings.

Zero Sabotage Cooldown: With this interesting Among Us modification, you can perform unlimited sabotage with a zero-second cooldown or instantly. Have fun sabotaging!!!

among us mod apk always imposter

Among Us is a lighting hack – Even when the lights are turned off, MOD MENU APK allows you to view all of your crewmates and imposters. Isn’t it wonderful?

Player Eyesight Enhancement: The Among Us Always Impostor APK will improve the player’s vision far more than the official Among Us view. So, after applying this MOD, you’ll be able to readily locate impostors even if they’re a long way away.

Always Impostor Hack – If you’ve grown tired of being a crewmate in the game, it’s time to upgrade your Among Us app. To become an Impostor in every round, download this cracked application and enable the Always Impostor Hack.

Enhanced Speed: In addition to all of these wonderful in-game features, the Among Us MOD MENU APK also allows you to play with the character’s speed, which you can raise to 4x at any time.

Visible Spirits: In addition to the extended vision, this cracked program also gives you ghost vision, allowing you to see all the ghosts of dead crew members wandering around.

No-Advertisements: The most irritating aspect of the official Among Us game is the advertisements. Among Us Apk Mod, on the other hand, provides you with endless gameplay and all of the premium magical features with no commercial interruption, including neither banner nor video advertising.

Among us Premium Unlocked

This feature is the sole reason you’ve chosen to download this app. Because anyone who downloads a mod program does so just to gain access to the app’s premium features for free, this app will meet your needs because you will not have to pay money to unlock any of the game’s features. All premium features are already unlocked in the Among US MOD APK.

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Download & Install

  • Click the download icon on the top page of our website.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download both the mod and apk files.
  • Now you may select an individual button and save it to your computer or mobile device.
  • You can either utilize emulator software or install Windows 11 on your computer.
  • Remember that your Android device’s settings are good before installing the file, indicating that the unsourced file option is enabled.
  • Then you open the file you saved to your device’s storage space.
  • Click the install button, and your file will be installed and ready to use in a few minutes.

Download Free


Among Us, the most common operating systems of Android+iOS+Windows+Linux+etc cover all operating systems practically. It provides free-to-play gameplay modes and is based on an excellent game plot. To win different levels, you must work together as a team and use a world-class strategy. Our alterations All of the above MODs or hacks are available for free on Among Us MOD APK. Furthermore, it runs on the same server as the official one and has the same user interface. So, what are you holding? Now is the time to download this lightning game and use magic instead of strategy.


Is everything in the Among Us MOD APK unlocked?

Because this is a cracked version, you will have access to all features.

How do you play the Among Us game like a pro?

To become a pro at any game, you must play it regularly. Similarly, if you want to play among us in good quality, you’ll need to play this game for a long time.

Is Among Us a good PUBG alternative?

Following the PUBG ban, the popularity of Free Fire and Among Us has exploded. Yes, we can argue that there is a top game among us, but unlike PUBG, there will barely be one.

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