Hungry Dragon Mod Apk (Completely Unlocked)

Name Hungry Dragon
Size 132MB
Category Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
Requires Device Android 4.2+
PlayStore LinkHungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is basically a game that consists of a different dragon. Where You easily control the dragon in this beautiful game. The hungry fire-breathing lizard went in quest of food. He’ll consume everything in his path, killing communities and their residents, troops, and numerous species at the same time.

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The hero will satisfy your hunger by destroying villages, woods, caverns, and subterranean mines. The player will be able to try out ten different dragons, each with their own appearance and abilities, as they progress through the game. The user may also change their appearance by dressing them in various clothing.

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What’s In Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is all about adventure, this fantastic game is suitable for all ages. It introduces you to a whole new level of satisfaction that will drive you insane. The game revolves around flying about with a dragon and destroying everything you want. It includes some amazing, mind-blowing elements that will make you fall in love with the game.

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Furthermore, the game features 3D visuals, which is a great benefit for any game fan. It is absolutely free to play, and it may even be played offline. Hungry dragon mod apk will give you unlimited coins/gems/diamonds. Here we provide you with a completely unlocked version of that game. where you easily purchase anything you want for free.

Main Features

Mian Storyline

This game is based on the vision where you feed your dragons. Like, Nibbler, one of the charming dragons in Hungry Dragon, will become your friend as you play. Nibbler, on the other hand, is an outlier. He was always hungry and wanted to consume anything he could get his hands on. Large birds, mountain creatures, and even small animals can be swallowed if they dare to reach his vision.

hungry dragon mod apk story

Nibbler might be able to eat everything if he could. When a dragon’s energy is depleted due to a lack of food in his stomach, he may succumb to famine. Keep an eye on the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of your screen to see how long your dragon will live and how much food it will need to stay alive.

The larger the beast, the more vitality you’ll get, and the dragon will live longer. You must, however, keep an eye out for harmful organisms in the air. These animals have a peculiar, frightening look. If you do not eat properly, your dragon will not only not gain blood, but will also lose blood and maybe die.

Unlimited Flying Experience

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is a game that never ends. You are free to fly and consume as much as you want. When the dragon dies, the game is over. But no need to worry because this modded app gives you unlimited points. Those points you use to feed your dragon.

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To reach the highest record in the game, eat more to gain more points. Remember to acquire gold coins in every game. They’re utilized to get access to the game’s other dragons. The more you feed your dragon, the faster it will evolve. The dragon has grown in size, appearance, and strength.

Experience Different Dragons

Different types of dragons in full color with entirely different styles to unlock in this game. You may also purchase outfits to make the dragon stronger, healthier, and crazier. Seeing a huge or weak dragon, on the other hand, is irrelevant to me. In Hungry Dragon, the player’s flying abilities are the deciding element. you enjoy all dragon’s experiences for free.

Stunning Graphics

What strikes me about Hungry Dragon is its stunning visuals. The surrounding countryside is extraordinarily realistic and lovely, having been created in 3D(Three Dimensions). The longer time you spend flying, the more clouds you’ll notice. In the popular fairy tale. Everything about this game feels like it belongs in a fairy tale. Furthermore, the drag effect is extremely smooth and adaptable.

Unlimited Gold Coins & Money

In this game, we need a gold coin to upgrade our dragons and make them more, Collect as many as you can since they’ll let you unlock more dragons in the game. In addition, the more food you consume, the faster your dragon evolves. But hungry dragon mod apk unlimited money and gems. Those coins you used for your dragons. You need not worry about coins here you get unlimited coins free.

Easy To Control

You won’t have to be concerned about complex control techniques. That’s because Hungry Dragon has simple controls, requiring only the usage of a single control button to command your dragon. Then just press the power button to unleash the dragon’s abilities, such as fire breathing. It’s up to you to figure out how to direct your dragon so that it can grab numerous prey at once and go on a fire-breathing attack.

hungry dragon mod apk gameplay

Enjoy Multiplayer Mode

Hungry Dragons may also participate in fun in-game challenges with their friends and other online players. While participating in the ultimate leagues, feel free to enjoy your beloved little fish big fish games to the utmost. As you vanquish your friends and rivals, strive for the greatest rankings in the Legendary Leagues. In addition, you’ll have access to a variety of in-game goodies.

Unlimited Gameplay

With the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, you will have an unlocked game experience with no ads and in-game purchases, so if you are concerned about so many ads and in-game purchases, now is the time to fix it. This provides you free access to everything including countless money, gems, gold coins. So you enjoy all the premium features for free.

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Unlocked Legendary Creatures

Hungry Dragon players will also be able to play the fantastic game of gathering these mysterious animals. Android gamers will also find themselves studying the epic and unique powers of each of their dragons, which include hundreds of distinct original species as well as fascinating hybrids.

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So you will get all the legendary creatures for free and enjoy the fantasy of dragon land.

Conqueror Through Tournaments

You should engage yourself in time-limited competitions to win extra prizes. You’ll gain more prizes the longer you live by eating animals and avoiding danger. To climb to the top of the leaderboards, try to stay alive as long as possible in this mode.

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In addition, the benefits you’ll earn will be heavily influenced by your rank. As a result, as your level rises, you’ll get additional awards in this mode.

More Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlocked your favourite dragons
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Win all games
  • Unlimited golden eggs
  • No bugs & lags
  • No advertisement
  • Defeat all-new enemies
  • Upgrade your dragons free
  • Free to download
  • No need to root your device

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros
  • It is totally safe to play.
  • That game is for alls like kids, adults. No restriction on age.
  • This game has good popularity and rating.
  1. Cons
  • Sometimes users face issues regarding the App performance
  • Some mobile that’s storage is low face hanging problem.
  • It is addictive. That’s not good for health.

How to download & install

  • Go to the download button and download it.
  • The downloaded file saves in your mobile storage.
  • Now allows the unknown source from your mobile setting that is necessary for third-party application installation.
  • Now click on the downloaded ApkFile.
  • Wait for installing it on your device and after open it.
  • Now enjoy the Hungry dragon Mod apk premium features for free.

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Hungry Dragon is a fun and engaging mobile application to play on your mobile devices, especially if you’re seeking a pleasant casual game. You will have unrestricted access to everything. This is a game that you should play if you appreciate casual games. You’ll need to construct a strong squad of dragons to win more games and get access to all of their resources.


Q.Can this game work offline?

Yes, you can play it online as well as in offline mode also.

Q.Is it free to download?

Yes, it is completely free to download.

Q.Can this game give unlimited coins/gems/gold?

Yes, you get all premium features for free.

Q.What do in-game pets do?

It gives the power to you to perform well.

Q.Can we play this game on any mobile?

No, it is only played on mobile that has a 4.2 android version or above.

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