Granny Mod Apk v1.7.9 Unlimited Everything (God Mode)

Name Granny Mod Apk
Size 99MB
Category Arcade
Developer DVloper
Mod FeatureGod Mode &
Unlimited Everything
PlayStore LinkDownload
Requires DeviceAndroid 4.4+

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Welcome to the Granny, if you seek a great horror movie with a granny zombie monster, you have arrived in the right place. We all know how much they enjoy scary films and games. Therefore you will not be surprised to learn that granny mod apk is one of them.

granny mod apk unlimited health

Granny Ghost is one of the most popular and played games; everyone enjoys it. Several versions are available, including Granny Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5. In addition, we include the granny mod menu.

Granny Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo

Granny Mod APK is a fantastic and exciting game with 3D graphics and an excellent plot. This game is about living in the house of a granny zombie monster, where there are hidden mysteries and surprises around every corner. It would help if you worked very quietly, or you will be discovered and eaten. This game is only playable at night, and the sounds are horrific. It is such a spooky game that everyone would be terrified the entire time they played it.

granny mod apk unlimited ammo

It is accessible for free so that you can make use of the game’s best graphics and features. Let us have a look at the game’s incredible characteristics and traits.


Unlimited Everything

Android gamers can download our customized version of Granny from our website to experience the unlocked and upgraded gameplay. You will be able to get rid of the bothersome adverts altogether without having to spend anything. We also offer God Mode, allowing players to continue alive even if the Granny detects them. You will be able to flee rapidly in life-or-death situations. However, do not misuse it because it can quickly spoil your gaming experience. Instead, download and install our Granny Mod APK to have the mod available.

Explore the scary Manor

Players will explore the intriguing Manor while engaging in various gameplay. As you make your way around the residences, try to avoid the granny, understand her habits, and devise strategies to oppose them.

granny house mod apk

Immerse yourself in the thrilling horror gameplay while exploring the many horror manors full of discoverable and interactive attractions.

Gather clues and interact

In addition, through a succession of exhilarating and bone-chilling activities, you will learn how to fight for your life. Interact with the game’s various features and learn about the game’s unique mechanics. Collect valuable clues along the way and gradually figure out how to get out of this horrible circumstance.

Avoid the creepy Granny

you will be followed by the scary granny, who only wants to smack you in the head and leave you unconscious on the floor. Try to be as quiet as possible because, despite her advanced age, she still has excellent hearing.

granny mod apk download outwitt

Not to mention that she may rapidly track you down if she hears a sound, so always be cautious throughout the game.

To get away from Granny, make use of the intuitive environs

However, with so many interacting objects in the game that might potentially make a variety of noises, you will find it difficult to remain silent throughout your whole game. That so, it is recommended that you find a decent hiding spot before the scary granny catches up with you. Feel free to hide in various locations, such as the closet, the lift, the box, and others. If you do not wish to be discovered, stay in stealth mode.

Adjust the Difficulty of Levels

Granny also offers four distinct levels of difficulty in the game, with Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme tasks for those interested. Each setting gradually increases the problem by adding more and more demanding features to the game. Suppose you choose the easy option, for example.

granny mod apk download

In that case, the grandmother will move slowly, and the random noises will be much reduced. Those who choose the extreme setting, on the other hand, will find that every second of the game will be a mental challenge. Not only will you have to evade her detection, but you will also have to create some diversionary tactics before traveling to your tasks. Otherwise, she can immediately attack you due to her acute hearing and quickness. You will not be able to go away once she arrives.

Free to Play

Despite these great features, Android gamers may still play the game for free on their phones. You need to go to Google Play Store and download it for free. While some adverts will still be present, you will have full access to the game. You can also choose to have the advertisements removed by making certain in-game purchases.

granny mod apk download for free

Granny Mod Apk Features

  • Because the gaming content is restricted, you will become bored after 2 to 3 hours of constant play.
  • Until now, it was the best scary game.
  • You have the option of walking as much as you like.
  • The updated edition includes incredible animations and graphics.
  • To get rid of grandmother, you can use your techniques.
  • To avoid being discovered by Granny, you can hide wherever.
  • You can change the difficulty level.
  • Grandpa, a new character in this game, provides even more horror.
  • There are a lot of puzzles to solve in this game to get out of the house of the grandmother zombie.
  • You must remain silent, or will discover you.
  • This game has secrets and riddles around every corner, so you will need to look around carefully to solve the puzzles and escape the mansion.
  • This game appears in a night mode to further terrify you.
  • The controls for running and escaping and more in different directions to save yourself from the zombie ghosts are visible in the images.
  • This game features fantastic gameplay that allows you to appreciate the entire setup. 
  • This game is also accessible on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Therefore it is safe to download.
  • This game has three modes to test your mental abilities: easy, challenging, and normal.

Downloads & Install

  • Download the granny mod apk
  • On the screen, press the install button.
  • Allow unknown sources to download the complete application.

how to install granny mod apk

  • Allow unknown sources to install the software by tapping.
  • After a while, the application installation process will begin.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can start the application and play the game.

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[su_box title=”My View” style=”soft” box_color=”#DA2267″ title_color=”#0D1239″]Granny mod apk is the most popular game software in all Android app stores. This game set new download records because of the demanding objectives and secret locations. Our primary goal is to satisfy you with all of your information regarding games and apps. You can leave a note in the comment box if you have any issues or concerns regarding this game or any other game or program.[/su_box]


[su_spoiler title=”Q. What is the game’s primary goal?” style=”fancy”]If you do not get out of the house, she will hunt you down and kill you. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Q. What is the actual name of Granny?” style=”fancy”]Agatha is the game’s main character, as well as its antagonist. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Q. Is the story of Granny faithful?” style=”fancy”]The stories are built around certain unfortunate events and historical facts. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Q. Is it safe to play the Granny mod apk game?” style=”fancy”]Yes, it will be completely safe, and you will be able to use and play the game without fear. Because we only post games and apps after thoroughly inspecting them with premium antivirus software. [/su_spoiler]


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