Facebook Messenger Mod Apk 2022 (Latest Version)

Name Facebook Messenger Mod Apk
Size 41MB
Category Social Media
Developer GB Messenger
Mod Featurepremium features
Requires Device Varies with devices
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Everything is at your fingertips in today’s modern world. Today, we will tell you about a fantastic program that is widely utilized. Yes, Facebook Messenger is a widely used social media platform. Are you interested in learning more about the Facebook Messenger mod apk with available features? Then this post will be pretty helpful to all of you. Keep an eye on the news and read this article. So, every one of you can get the latest new version of the Facebook Messenger apk file for Android smartphones for free on our site. By the way, you can get the low-MB version of Facebook Messenger for free from the Google Play Store.

gb facebook messenger mod apk 2022

In some regions, the FB messenger mod apk is available for free. This implies that no data or package is required. Used freely, but with limitations such as no calls (audio/video) and only allowing text.

Messenger Mod Apk

First, you should be aware that while this social app is free for everyone, the pro version may be paid in a few low-income nations (Philippines, Cambodia, and Guinea).

facebook messenger premium apk

Although the free version’s functions are limited, the premium version adds extra features such as the ability to form a Messenger video calling group of 50+ people at a time, with 8 people calling each other.


Construct a Chat Room

The remarkable feature of this program is that it allows you to create a chatting room with up to fifty people and have them all communicate in a video conversation simultaneously. Using the messenger’s program, you can also create close buddies.

Online get-together

You have a few buddies with whom you may wish to meet daily. As a result, in the current condition of Covid-19, this software also assists you in forming an online friend zone.

messenger mod apkmessenger mod apk

Form a Family Group

Most individuals use this option to create a family group, which includes cousins and relatives, and all of them share their images, work status, and life experiences.

Making a Pool

Another intriguing aspect of this social app is the ability to create a POOL, which means you have a total of ten friends and want to go to a movie but can’t pick which one to see? The pool for the final decision is created by one of them.


Messenger MOD APK provides two sorts of weather-based modes. There is now a light and dark mode. You can change the method at any moment. The auto mode has been altered to bright and dim mode during time-based. At night, use the dark mode while using the light mode during the day. To save battery life on your phone, choose a dark mode.

Watch Together

When using Messenger MOD APK to establish a group video call, the user can play their favorite video during the video call. Members who have joined can watch the videos without interruption. The video call must be completed over the internet. With your linked pals, watch videos, TV shows, and movies. It’s now easier to capture the application’s real-time moment. The app now has room features, thanks to the creator. To have meetings or exchange important information from a room meeting. Use the room feature to ask people to contact you via a link in the room.

messenger mod apk 2022messenger mod apk 2022

Free Video Calls

For making a video call during a two-person conversation, several communication apps require a fee. To make video calls, most applications require a paid subscription. However, Messenger MOD APK allows all users to make free video calls. There is no longer any need to pay for video calls. Send the link to anyone who wants to join the call conference. In a single video call, up to 8 people can participate. Each user can add more people to the video conference call. During the group call, no one has any difficulties.


Messenger MOD APK allows you to send messages using a variety of techniques. I wanted more privacy settings to regulate the communications. At any time, anyone can send a message. As a result, the privacy setting can control the notifications. If you’re speaking with an anonymous user, you won’t be able to respond to everyone who has messaged you. As a result, activate the message control and auto-reply systems.

gb messenger mod apk 2022gb messenger mod apk 2022

Additionally, disable anonymous talking to avoid receiving text messages from the anonymous user. Someone attempted to send a link to their hacking product. Set various parameters to prevent unauthorized users from sharing links.

As a Business Tool

By the way, you can use the “Business Messengers” for local or worldwide business. It’s most commonly utilized in internet business to link buyers and vendors.

You can create a “Client Group” and invite as many individuals as you like to promote your product or service from anywhere and at any time.

gb messenger mod apk 2021

Features of Facebook Messenger Mod Apk

  • Messaging and Calling Across Apps
  • Mode of Disappearance
  • Privacy Preferences
  • Reactions that are unique to you
  • Themes for Chat
  • Watch as a group
  • Rooms are a great way to bring the group together.
  • Stay Connected with Free Video Calls
  • Free Text & Phone Calls for Life
  • In Dark Mode, turn off the lights.
  • Voice and video recorded and sent.
  • Stickers, Gifs, and Emojis Let You Express Yourself
  • Files, photos, and videos can be sent.
  • Make a plan and follow through.
  • Send Money with Confidence and Ease
  • Consult with Companies
  • Import SMS Messages into Messenger
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Downloads & Install

  • If you already have the PlayStore version of GB Facebook Messenger installed, uninstall it.
  • Go to your device’s settings, and then to the General tab. Enable Unknown Sources in Security.

how to install gb messenger mod apk 2022

  • From the link above, get the GB Facebook Messenger MOD Apk.
  • Install the Apk file by clicking on it. (If asked, say ‘allow from this source.’)
  • Go to the GB Facebook Messenger MOD App and open it.

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In a word, this social media program has brought you closer together. Since this post on Facebook messenger mod apk will be very useful and fascinating to you all. If you still have any queries, confusion, or suggestions, please comment. Our team will respond to you and resolve any issue you may have, whether a download error or a problem with a mod file.


Q. Is it possible to make Messenger private?
Yes, you can set up your private meeting with anyone. Add someone to your messaging inbox, but they must already be on your buddy list.
Q. Is the Modified version compatible with our device?
Yes, you may use it without hesitation because our team can run it with premium anti-virus software before uploading it.


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